Video first, introductions later

Desert Horror Story from Miles and Monroe on Vimeo.

No time to waste on proper introductions right now (those will come later), we’ve got a video for you!

As you may or may not know, Miles and Monroe is all about team work and collaboration. We were asked by Random Manufacturing, a really cool clothing company that prints limited edition tees with artwork submitted and voted on by their fans, to produce some “random” videos.

During our team meeting, we were running through some ideas that might be pretty fun to do. It hit us while we were sitting inside the nice, air-conditioned coffee shop.

When you’re in the Coachella Valley, where we’re based out of, it’s always terrible outside. Sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s sweltering. It gets muggy and humid, too. Basically, no body wants to go outside in the summer time. And when you do – it’s a real Desert Horror Story!

We got to work on our idea and here is the result. Enjoy it in the comfort of air-conditioning, please.

– M&M Team


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