Elotes from Miles and Monroe on Vimeo.

There is nothing like “elotes” (aka Mexican Corn on the Cob)
from the Indio Swap meet


I was asked to do a video about “local stuff.” As a group, we pitched the Indio Swap meet as an idea.  Then it dawned me, as I’ve recently  been traveling here and there, I realized there is nothing like “elotes” (aka Mexican Corn on the Cob) from the Indio Swap meet.

Originally, I had planed just a regular guy getting “elotes,” but making it this exaggerated casual story: the waiting, the making of the corn, etc… Then Jonathan was like, I need it to be a sorta “love story.”

Literally, about 5-7 minutes later, I thought “MEET-CUTE” (Google it!)! I gave my lovely best friend Marisol (aka the girl in the Elotes) a ring to see if her smashing boyfriend, Christian would act in a video for Miles and Monroe. And because of their big hearts (and free elotes), they said, “of course, my dear.”

Off to the swap meet we went!

I wanted some great “natural” footage, so Jonathan and Amber went to work when we got there and got those really great wide, panorama shots (the entire film was actually shot on the iPhone5).

With all our footage together, and with a pinch of amazing music to use -“No Other Plans” by Sunny Levine (it was what I had in mind when I wrote the film), I set to work on editing. With plenty of hashing and slicing, I finally had my first cut. At one of our production meetings, Lucinda and I sat down and cleaned up a couple of loose ends and it was DONE!

So, here it is, Miles and Monroe Production presents “ELOTES.”


Oh, and thank you to the gorgeous people who went to the swap meet that day!


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